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Hire the best offshore
Software Developers

1.5 million engineers graduate in India every year.
Only the top 1% makes the cut with us.

The Choicest Breed of Engineers
Offering Finest Offshoring Services

We, at the Workshore, thrive to create a difference in offshore servicing, raising the bar by hiring the best offshore software developers. Only the top 1% of India’s eligible workforce makes a cut to our list and are further refined to handpick only a few of the matchless breed of software developers.

Skill Testing for Technical Hiring

Hiring engineers who deliver unparalleled results isn’t an overnight wonder. Our 5-day pedagogical hiring get the candidates grinding through intensive sessions of technical tests and exercises ranging from live coding to delivering mock project.

logical testLogical

Testing logical skills with an array of algorithms to design and gauge problem-solving capabilities. The core of our logical test lies in assessing candidates’ ability to tackle highly complex problems and to adapt to challenges easily.

1-hour simulated test
– Algorithmic Problems
– Puzzle Questions
– Reasoning Test

technical expertise testingTechnical

A day-long test at our office is designed to let candidates interact with our experts in a technical panel. This helps us to measure the candidate’s knowledge and depth of a subject-matter expertise.

1-day in our office
– Technical Round
– Live Coding
– Code Analysis

a time bound mock projectA Time-Bound
Mock Project

Spanning across 3 days, this mock test is a project that candidates
undertake to complete at home. This gives us a better clarity about the candidate’s holistic understanding of any given role. They are judged by their ability to understand, create, and implement a solution within the given time.

3-day testing
– Architecture
– Implementation
– Coding standards


Our office set-up is strategically located in the fast developing city of Ahmedabad that boasts with rising expats and talent from pan India. The entrepreneurial environment here serves best to hire the perfect culture-rich candidates. Since each company breathes a distinctive culture, we ensure to have an offshore team that fits your business culture precisely.


We follow a customized testing process, dynamic enough to integrate with your own hiring strategy and technical requirements. This helps you make the final call for who you wish to hire.

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