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The Workshore Creates A Tailored Software Team for an American Multifaceted Software Agency

For a software agency, having talented in-house developers is crucial. Although Hatfield Taylor Co. had an in-house team of developers, they were suffering due to the lack of project managers and were also relying heavily on expensive freelancers.

When The Workshore built a tailored software team to meet the company’s exacting standards, the customer leaped forward and has never looked back.


Hatfield Taylor Co. had an instinctive understanding of their target market, and the ability to fulfill complex projects across diverse areas. The problem was with their team management.

When they first approached us in 2014, they had a talented in-house team and also used to collaborate with freelancers on a frequent basis. However, they did not have proper team management in place due to which they suffered in these areas:

  • Weak project management
  • No client support services
  • Lack of positive results
  • Untimely project delivery

Hatfield Taylor Co. had a good clientele base but they were in the danger of losing them soon if they didn’t do something about the issues. Joseph Bass, the company CEO, knew he needed to find an affordable, skillful task force to deliver their projects – without compromising margins. More than that, he needed a team which could adapt to their workflow, and integrate with the in-house team.

Just after a few months, they had reached a large number of product views and registered customers. It became a bit overwhelming for them and the software was not able to handle the pressure.


As a multifaceted company, it was imperative that we observed interactions between the engineering, sales, and project management teams. By understanding the company workflow and their goals, we could craft a complementary team.

Hatfield Taylor Co. and The Workshore fleshed out the requirements of the offshore software development team and began the process at full speed. Within the first six weeks, we deployed a complete employer branding strategy, and recruited experts for the key areas. After six months, the full team was finalized. We got together talented and experienced project managers, developers and designers to work along with their in-house team and the freelance developers.

With the infrastructure in place, for design, development, client management, project management and other support services, the team was ready to take on more ambitious, complex projects.


With talented software engineers working on every project, Hatfield Taylor Co. is now leading the competition, delivering work more quickly – and reliably – than ever before. Quite simply, the team in Ahmedabad, India gives Hatfield Taylor Co. a well-honed competitive edge.

As a direct result of creating their offshore team, Hatfield Taylor Co. has improved overall in different areas in respect to quality, timely delivery, client management and services. They have been able to deliver bigger and smarter software since then.

Our commitment to creating a team which complemented the office in U. S. has resulted in seamless integration, with Hatfield Taylor Co. setting their sights on even greater achievements in future.

Hatfield Taylor Co. is an American multifaceted software agency that first came into business since 2009. Specializing in small to large scale projects, their work is incredibly broad, encompassing web designing and development, web branding, digital marketing, and search engine optimization to name a few. With Hatfield Taylor Co., no two projects are ever the same!

“You absolutely can’t go wrong with The Workshore. They have an amazing service mentality company-wide and are extremely knowledgeable. We’ve worked together over the years on software ranging from basic to extremely complex. You don’t have to check in constantly on progress, as the team are second to none. I recommend them to colleagues regularly, and they always tell me how wonderful their experience is.”

Joseph Bass

CEO and Founder, Hatfield Taylor Co.

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