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The Revamp story of Related Garments on Shopify


For a business, it is always about the quality that matters. Our client, Related Garments was already having their store on Shopify before we began working with them. However, they were in a situation that we often are part of in our daily life: they wanted to be better. We were asked to make one of the most important pages of their store, the home page more visually pleasing to the users. With respect to design, another requirement that was raised was to make minor design changes to the internal pages. Finally, our client wanted our team to help better the overall website performance. When adding up the requirements altogether, the expected result was quality.


In order to redesign the home page, our team of designers first understood the requirements of the home page. Accordingly, the clean, responsive and effective design was developed and after several reviews, the improvised design was selected and developed.

To help improve the website performance, our developers carried out a code cleanup for both the front end and dynamic side. The goal of the cleanup was to remove redundant pieces of code as well as reorganize the code so that it would be easier to view and debug.

As we were also responsible for a few minor design changes on the internal pages, our team created banners that reflected those pages and also made certain images more interactive.



By putting together our design and development expertise for the projects, the online store partly experienced a visual revamp. With the home page now having a design that can drive user engagement and eventually conversions, we were happy about the outcome as much as our client. Additionally, the cleanup helped the overall speed of the website reduce substantially. Overall, the online store was now having much better quality.


Being a part of the quality and overall success mission with Related Garments, we plan on continuing to work with our client. With our team’s expertise in marketing and visual branding, we are excited to help Related Garments do more wonders using the Shopify platform.


Based in Los Angeles, Related Garments started their creative business believing that basics don’t have to be merely simple. An online store with a wide variety of unique sets of socks and underwear for both men and women, they help bring style to the garments.

“Working with TheWorkshore team has been great so far! We love the creativity and dedication of the team. With our plans for improvising our marketing strategies as well as visual branding, we definitely look forward to the contributions of TheWorkshore.”

Mike Appel

Brand Allies & Chief Matching Officer

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