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Setting up a store on Shopify for greater success: Story of Rareform


Currently, Shopify is undoubtedly one of the buzzwords in the eCommerce industry. Due to the platform’s robustness and other benefits, it has been a choice for many businesses to set up their stores on it. In 2016, our client, Rareform too wanted to move their e-commerce store to Shopify. Their major concern, however, was to have the migration take place with having to deal with any nightmares. Understanding Rareform’s concern wholly, as an offshore team, we were on the mission of making this store move just right.


In order to migrate the existing store to Shopify successfully, we took all the steps prior, during and post-migration. From making the checklists for the data that needs to be migrated to taking note of the existing design and functionality and doing thorough testing after migration to troubleshooting, the team executed each phase carefully.

The designers of our team also helped redesign certain pages to enhance the user experience so that at the time of launch, the customers had something even better to interact with.



In 2 months, the online store was successfully set up on Shopify. After the launch, the company saw greater user engagement and conversions as well. We are proud to be part of Rareform’s journey to success.


As of now, we do not handle the development and support for Rareform. However because great relations don’t end, our team of Shopify experts is ever ready to work with Rareform.


Being in the market for about four and a half years now, Rareform’s story is one that’s both unique and outstanding. Inspired by the creative ways to use billboards, Rareform is a recycling-based brand that creates a variety of products. From bags to accessories all the way to surf, they have got it all. All in all, Rareform’s products are designed to be environmentally friendly while being unique.

“Having worked with the offshore team of TheWorkshore before as well, we have witnessed their dedication and efforts to strive for quality. Thanks to them, our store’s move to Shopify went smoothly. They are certainly a great development and support team as they took care of all the technicalities while we looked at the business strategies. In future, when needed, we will be sure to work with TheWorkshore team. Wishing them all the luck!”

Alec Avedissian


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