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How The Workshore helped HenigFurs move to Shopify


Technical glitches are a common and normal scenario for businesses with IT products and or services. But imagine that the glitches become frequent to a point where the business’s much of the time is spent in working with the development team to fix them.
HenigFurs has been an online store since 1999. Over the past year, however, the store had several bugs related to version compatibility one after another. As a dedicated development and maintenance team since 2014, we provided the readily support each time. But both Henig Furs and we realized how much of the time was going in only resolving and dealing with complexity. Above all, this caused the business to not be able to focus on how their store could grow. That’s where we stepped in as an offshore team that strives for quality.


A brief analysis might have led us to suggest HenigFurs to merely upgrade the version of the current platform. However, we know very well that upgrades are not always the best solution. Therefore, our team of product manager and senior developers for the HenigFurs got together to seek a long-term solution.

Keeping in mind the major pain points for our client as well as the latest trends in the market, we suggested the HenigFurs move their store to Shopify. Right from which Shopify plan to the best, cost-effective apps to use, we shared each detail with the HenigFurs.

When HenigFurs gave us the green signal after seeing the potential in this investment, we got right into the planning and execution. The entire roadmap was prepared for the migration to Shopify where each detail was made sure to be included.

In addition to migrating the store successfully to Shopify, we also took the opportunity to make suggestions that could make the store more visually appealing to the customers.



When the store was launched on Shopify, the problems faced in the earlier platform were immediately reduced. Now our development and maintenance team was not just fixing issues due to upgrades. At the same time, HenigFurs could now spend their time really coming up with strategies for greater revenue. With regards to the HenigFurs customers, their overall experience of going on the store and engaging greatly improved.


As a dedicated offshore team for HenigFurs, we proudly plan to continue to be part of the successful journey of HenigFurs’ store. With the store now up and running smoothly on Shopify, we will be working with our client to get deeper into visual content and branding as well as enhancing the overall user experience.


Henig Furs is in the fashion industry for 5 generations and enjoys continuous exceptional growth. Started in 1920 in New York City, Henig Furs has become the largest fur company in the South-East and one of the biggest in the nation. The company has adapted to the needs of modern customers and offers a wide range of fur including fashionable Mink, Beaver, and Fox, to the finest Canadian Lynx, Chinchilla and Russian Sable.

“I have been working with The Workshore for several years now and it’s been nothing but positive. They have always gone above and beyond for us. They are easy to work with, very fast at running projects and tasks around, great at communicating and telling us exactly what to expect and they have always been helpful at providing advice on how to better our business. We know they genuinely care about the success of our business and we’ve enjoyed having them take us to the next level. We look forward to many more years with them!”

Brittany Hatfield

Director of Marketing

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