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The software that Henig Furs had in place was not able to handle heavy traffic and it soon began to face problems regarding customer service.

The Workshore successfully built a strong offshore software development team for them to bring solid foundations and allow them to grow without any hiccups.


When Henig Furs launched their software, they understood their target customers and had a good feeling about their activity. But what they hadn’t predicted was that the software would soon gain stardom within months of going online.

Yet, they were still struggling.

Just after a few months, they had reached a large number of product views and registered customers. It became a bit overwhelming for them and the software was not able to handle the pressure.

The growth rate of the customers was unimaginable and the software was not up-to-date to handle the huge demand. The customers had to wait for a lot of time for the page to load, and the flaws of the software were delaying the giveaways.

Henig Furs needed the help of an expert. At that moment, The Workshore offered a helping hand.


The issues faced by the company were prominent and the solution was simple: they needed the best-in-class software for the business to handle the ever-growing demands, customer satisfaction and boost the growth.

We built an efficient offshore software development team for the company and in a matter of a year, the team delivered a brand new, futuristic software from the ground up for their ultra-modern customers.

At the same time, Henig Furs was also facing issues in the form of pending tickets from the customers – some were even waiting for their products to arrive for months. We provided an aid for the lack of in-house development staff.

Henig Furs was also looking to rebuild their software and were looking for partners who could not only redesign it but also help them provide better customer service and support for their clients.

The offshore software development team communicated with the company on a daily basis to provide them updates about the latest developments of the software.



Since 2016, the Henig Furs’ revenue has skyrocketed because of the efforts put in by the offshore software development team.

After hiring an offshore team, they no longer had to worry about their software development and they could finally focus on critical tasks and leave the job to the experts. The entire software had been refurbished; in a matter of 12 months, the customer service issues faced by the company had been resolved.

The newly designed user interface attracts plenty of new customers and subscribers every day, allowing Henig Furs to reach new heights.

Thanks to the highly skilled developers, the customers of Henig Furs now enjoy a world-class, progressive customer experience which is fully optimized.


Henig Furs is in the fashion industry for 5 generations and enjoys continuous exceptional growth. Started in 1920 in New York City, Henig Furs has become the largest fur company in the South-East and one of the biggest in the nation. The company has adapted to the needs of modern customers and offers a wide range of fur including fashionable Mink, Beaver, and Fox, to the finest Canadian Lynx, Chinchilla and Russian Sable.

“I have been working with The Workshore for several years now and it’s been nothing but positive. They have always gone above and beyond for us. They are easy to work with, very fast at running projects and tasks around, great at communicating and telling us exactly what to expect and they have always been helpful at providing advice on how to better our business. We know they genuinely care about the success of our business and we’ve enjoyed having them take us to the next level. We look forward to many more years with them!”

Brittany Hatfield

Director of Marketing

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