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How The Workshore helped Beast and Babe grow on Shopify


When Beast and Babe approached us, they were looking for a team that could dedicatedly help groom their online store on Shopify. As per them, they wanted help with maintaining the existing functionalities of the store. Additionally, they asked us to carry out the development needed for new features.
Valuing the necessity of an effective, user-friendly design, our client also asked us to make design-related changes. Putting together all the client requirements, what we saw ahead of us was not a challenge but rather a great opportunity.


Once our offshore team at TheWorkshore had understood the fixes to be made, it began to work on them. These fixes were both related to website features as well as the design. As they were made, we had in-depth review sessions with the client to ensure that we were getting it completely right.

After the troubleshooting phase was completed, we also started working on developing the features asked such as adding filters and buttons that would drive store conversions.



Delivering the projects on a timely basis, our team helped Beast and Babe’s store be up and running smoothly without the technical glitches. Additionally, the design changes allowed for a cleaner, effective design that worked for both the desktop and smaller devices such as mobile phones. The impact of the work could be seen on the quality of the user experience. As our client’s pointed out, we were surely one step closer to more growth of the store!


As Beast and Babe plans to further enhance its online store, we are absolutely excited to be part of their team. We will soon be helping our client with other areas of our expertise including analytics, user experience and performance. Our team is ready to unleash the skills to deliver long-lasting quality!


Inspired by the charismatic nature of dogs, Beast and Babe is a fully-women owned company that combines creativity with dog love. With a wide range of unique collection of dog leashes, there is something that will make every dog look good. Every material and design used is also environmentally friendly. All in all, this newly established business has proven how passion can go a long way.

“From the very first conversation we had with TheWorkshore about what we were looking at, we knew that we could expect uncompromised quality. Throughout each project, the team was active, communicative and above all flexible. As we look to make the customer experience on our store better, we are extremely glad to have TheWorkshore team with us.”

Kelsie Macray

Founder & Creative Director at Beast and Babe

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