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TheWorkshore helps MR Realtors build a stunning website


With technology becoming almost a must for businesses to stay competitive, it can be difficult for businesses to find an IT team that simplifies the complexity of technology. When MR Realtors approached TheWorkshore to have a website built, their requirements were straightforward. They wanted a stunning, fully functional website which automated the real estate services they provided. Additionally, they wanted the kind of team which would provide readily support after the launch of the website as well. Being an experienced company that builds quality offshore teams, we right away formed a team that would deliver the expectations just right.


The offshore team for MR Realtors began working on the project by first designing the pages. While designing, best practices such as minimalistic and user-friendliness were incorporated. Once the designer had shared the files, the development began. WordPress was used as the platform to host the website. Thorough testing of the website was done prior to sharing each update with the client. Once the go-live phase was successfully completed, our offshore team provided the support for website maintenance.



The fully developed and designed website by our offshore team certainly made MR Realtors team happy. Now, they had a website to complement the services they offer. To add, the pace and quality of the development and maintenance provided by our team also have helped MR Realtors be able to focus on their business strategies. Overall, the outcome can be viewed as a win-win situation (happy client and happy team).


Being a part of MR Realtor’s online journey since 2013, we feel much humbled. Today, we continue to do any sort of design or functional troubleshooting and also develop features as per their requirement.


Established nearly 4 decades ago in the real estate industry, MR Realtors has been successful in providing a wide variety of services related to real estate. From selling to buying and leasing to property management, the business offers quality service that is a homogeneous fusion of traditional and modern marketing strategies.

“Since the time the offshore team at TheWorkshore gathered the requirements and showed us the plan of how they were going to bring the website to life, we were surely impressed. Their easy, effective approach to work just works so well for us. We are extremely happy to have them on board with us. TheWorkshore is truly recommendable for businesses who would like to grow!”

Mike Richardson


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