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Building a social media management platform for ChiroBlaze in around six months


ChiroBlaze came to TheWorkshore with an idea of having a social media management platform that works both on the desktop and mobile. Our client asked for such software to be built that was easily maintainable and scalable. We understood the requirement and concerns of our client and accordingly, formed an offshore team that could deliver the expectations with quality.


Once the team of software engineers, designers, and project manager was formed, we started with the planning of the whole project. Requirements were identified for the projects and a roadmap soon was formed. Our team was ready to build a successful software from scratch!

During the course of nearly six months, we did the following:
We truly believe in the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The designer for this project created the design for both the webpage and mobile phones. While creating the designs, principles such as clean, simple, and effective were kept in mind.

Web development
Using the best practices, our developers worked together to create webpages with the required functionality.

Mobile app development
In addition to the website, we also worked on creating a cross-platform mobile application which the users of ChiroBlaze could use. While developing the mobile app, optimization was kept in mind as well to ensure the experience was great.

Content writing for guide section
Good content certainly amounts to readers having a clear idea of the particular concept.
Our team provided with the content for the guide section of the website where each feature’s working was explained.

User experience
Because we believe that creativity greatly contributes to quality, we put together our mind to also see how the user experience for the different types of users could be easier and smoother. We primarily focused on making the social media posting easier as well as the admin panel.



Nearly six months and agile development all together helped deliver the promised product to our client. ChiroBlaze now had a fully-functional website and a complementary mobile app to go with. Additionally, our proposed ideas for enhancing user experience were also greatly praised by the client. Overall, we were glad that we could be part of the initial phase of the success story of ChiroBlaze’s business!

After the launch of the website and mobile app, our team provided regular support for any sort of troubleshooting. As mentioned in the previous section, we also worked with the client to identify opportunities to improve the user experience of the ChiroBlaze website and mobile app.


Currently, we are not working as an offshore team for ChiroBlaze due to their requirements. However, as discussed with our client, we are ever so ready to rework with them to help achieve more success.


As a social media management company, ChiroBlaze is a cost-effective platform for Chiropractors to market their services. The Chiropractors are offered the best, trending content to share with their patients through this platform. In addition, ChiroBlaze is built on the idea that health care should be a top awareness amongst all.

“Working with TheWorkshore team since the beginning of creating ChiroBlaze has been an absolute blessing. The team is just exceptional in its efforts in every area- from development to troubleshooting and idea creation to planning. On the behalf of my team, I would like to thank TheWorkshore for helping us pull through at each step as ChiroBlaze establishes itself as a successful business.
Wishing the team lots of success ahead!”

Ginger Connell

Operations Manager, Preferred Chiropractic Doctor, Inc

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