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A Dynamic Software and Digital Transformation for RM COCO

The software development at RM COCO had come to a stand-still which was causing a hindrance to the growth of their business. So, in 2014 they reached out to us with their problem and we promised to help them build the right software which would give an impetus to their success. We built an efficient offshore software development team for them and their business started reaching new heights.


Mike Carr, the CEO of RM COCO had great expectations for their software. He thought that it would lead the company to newer heights, but he soon realized that the software was old and outdated from the point of view of user interface and programming. The lack of local software developers was making it very difficult for the company to meet the demands of their customers and they were also having problems adjusting in the market.

That is where The Workshore stepped in.


What RM COCO needed was the right team of developers who would understand the goals and objectives of the company. We brought together a team of designers and developers to bring the software back to life.

We proposed to redesign their old software. By speeding up the knowledge transfer from The Workshore to the team members of RM COCO, we made sure that everyone was sailing in the same boat in terms of expectations.

After a period of 12 months of hard work and dedication, the team finally relaunched the RM COCO software with a new user interface and backend system, helping to create dynamic connectivity for the inventory and order management.

The offshore software development team established a clear communication channel with RM COCO, which was the only thing the company needed to rebuild its software from scratch.


RM COCO’s expectations from its software helped the company to build a brand name in the industry and enhanced their business to a greater extent. Their software, with extraordinary design and quality, has become a backbone of their company. Since 2016, the dedicated offshore software development team is continuously enhancing its software.

RM COCO’s offshore software development team has been highly active, with not a single developer leaving, and is in constant touch with the in-house to regularly discuss new developments and ideas, which is providing the company with consistent results.

Their software was on the verge of falling apart; today, RM COCO is a leading trader of services and products for simple to luxe living where design meets style.

For almost half a century, RM COCO has been a world leader in trading fabric, trim, hardware and furnishings with a superior custom workroom to bring a beautiful design to your life. Headquartered in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, the company has several showrooms spread across the world.

“We were referred to them from another business here in the United States and we’ve found that there are absolutely no barriers to working with the wonderful overseas development team. With our own offshore team we have successfully launched new software, and to incorporate logistical enhancements on existing software. They can do it all!”

Mike Carr

CEO & Director

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