We help you build your offshore team, handling all the staffing administration to let you focus on the core aspects of your business.


It’s not just about hiring and getting the work done; we step into your shoes to better understand your work culture, vision, business, and goals. This helps us to tailor-make the recruitment process that goes along with your business.

Our dedicated recruitment team digs deep into the pool of thousands of engineers. Each profile is then filtered to scrutinize prospective candidates that go through a meticulous 5-step process. Our agile recruitment process winnows individuals through technical, personal, and cultural tests. And in the last step, YOU choose the best of the lot and hold final interviews to handpick your team members.


We nurture quality workforce in our vibrant co-working space in Ahmedabad. Here, you’ll have your private space, dedicated to your task and team. Blended with ergonomic workstations, vibrant environment, a 500 Mbps fiber connection, and easily accessible location, we abode an ideal environment that boosts creativity and productivity.

Know more about building a larger team (30+ developers) and allow us to help you set up a dedicated office for your business.

Ergonomic workstationsErgonomic
A Macbook Pro
With Dual Screen
Co Sharing Workspace In The Heart Of Ahmedabad

Offshoring. Simplified!

Minus the practicality of a geographical location, you function with your offshoring team just the way you do it back home with your colleagues. Plan your work hours, create your task sprints and communicate with your team on a daily basis. Get your team on table at your native clock hours and leave rest of the administration on us. Offshoring can’t get simpler than this!

Quality Recruitment Competitive Investment


We screen few of the world’s most talented software developers. Amongst them, there are those who come along with years of skilled expertise and experience in working for the likes of Google, Amazon, and IBM. With us, you shrink the investment in hiring these developers by 50% as compared to the western counterparts and get the same work done, smartly!

Mitigated Risk


The Workshore has the right knowledge and experience in what it takes to build successful offshore development centers. Our expertise blended with your trust guarantees an excellent team for you; if not satisfied – pay nothing.

Billing Transparency


Billed monthly for the hired resources, we generate invoices inclusive of everything – no additional or hidden costs. A systematic cost break-down invoice helps you analyze your costs better, giving a convenient overview of your operational costs.

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