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IT giants like TCS, Wipro, HCL Technologies make their software in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad, the former capital of Gujarat is the largest financial and metropolitan city of the state. It was given 3rd rank in a study by Forbes Magazine for one of the fastest growing cities of the decade globally. According to NASSCOM, “Ahmedabad, along with Gandhinagar, is the technology thrust in the upcoming years”.

Gandhinagar, also called the green city, is the new capital of Gujarat and a home to many architectural landmarks, green parks, and numerous IT companies. Two of the most important centers for IT companies in the city are InfoCity and GIFT City. InfoCity is one of the fastest growing areas with many IT companies. GIFT city is a one of its kind International Finance Tech city in India. It is currently under construction but is aimed to have the next-in-class infrastructure, connectivity, people, and technology.


Ahmedabad is a culturally rich city, with citizens who are food enthusiasts and who celebrate all festivals with a fervor not seen in many other places.


With the history stretching back to the pre-Independence era, Ahmedabad is considered as an important education hub for higher studies in the country.

Ahmedabad is a home to top-ranking institutes such as IIT Gandhinagar, IIMA, NID, NIFT, Nirma Institute, GTU, PDPU, etc. Many youngsters from various places in Gujarat, as well as other states, come to the city for higher studies. There has also been a rise in the inflow of students from foreign countries, which further diversifies the already diverse multicultural city. As the student inflow keeps increasing, the outflow of young talent is on a constant rise in all the fields.



Ahmedabad has been declared as India’s first World Heritage city by UNESCO, and it’s on the way to acquiring the status of being a smart city.

With the advancement of technology all around the world, the city of Ahmedabad is trying it’s best to muddle along with the rest of the world. The city has been selected to be developed as the next Smart city of India, which will provide the citizens affordable, efficient, equitable and customized governance. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, along with his Japanese counter-part Shinzo Abe, laid down the ambitious plan for India’s first high speed bullet train that will cover around 500km from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. With the initiation of such big projects, Ahmedabad is giving opportunities for employment in diverse fields.


With approximately 117 engineering colleges in the state of Gujarat, fresh graduates contribute greatly to the IT sector every year.


National Institute of Design, India’s topmost design school, is located in Ahmedabad and it plays a pivotal role with careers in UI and UX designing.

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